Articles  |   June 2020
COVID-19 Clinician Pocket Reference Guide V 1.4
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Articles   |   June 2020
COVID-19 Clinician Pocket Reference Guide V 1.4
ASA Monitor 6 2020, Vol.84, 27-28.
ASA Monitor 6 2020, Vol.84, 27-28.
The COVID-19 Clinician Pocket Reference Guide V1.4 (on the reverse side of this page) is a single-sheet document meant to be used as a resource for clinicians to refer to when taking care of patients infected by SARS-CoV-2. It incorporates data collected via multiple sources, author experience, and clinician opinion. The guide was created to help both ICU and non-ICU physicians who have been deployed as COVID front-line workers so that they may have a quick overview of the disease and management. The guide is divided into three main parts, including Epidemiology, Recognition, and Treatment, each with a different color for ease of use. In an effort to place all information on one page, only high-yield, selective information has been included. As COVID-related data is actively changing, caution is advised when using the guide. The guide does not replace clinician judgment and institutional guidelines. References are provided here. The authors, their institutional affiliations, or ASA are not responsible or liable for any omission or errors as a result of this guide.
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