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Articles   |   March 2020
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ASA Monitor 3 2020, Vol.84, 36-37.
ASA Monitor 3 2020, Vol.84, 36-37.
You are transporting a patient from the surgical intensive care unit to the O.R. The patient has been sedated with a continuous propofol infusion for the past 36 hours. You decide to discontinue the propofol for transport. After stopping the infusion, how many minutes will it take for the patient’s plasma propofol concentration to decrease by 50 percent?
This question illustrates the concept of context sensitive half-time (CSHT). The CSHT begins with a continuous infusion of a drug. After stopping the continuous infusion, the time needed for the plasma drug concentration to fall by half depends on the duration of continuous infusion. The definition of CSHT is the time required for a plasma concentration of a drug to fall by 50 percent after stopping the continuous infusion after a defined time length. Computerized, multicompartment modeling of the drug’s pharmacokinetics can be used to predict the CSHT of the drug. The CSHT increases with the duration of the continuous infusion.
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