Features  |   January 2020
Plotting a Course to Health Care Leadership
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  • Charles K. Anderson, M.D., M.B.A., FASA, FACHE, CHCQM, CPE
    Committee on Quality Management & Departmental Administration
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Features   |   January 2020
Plotting a Course to Health Care Leadership
ASA Monitor 1 2020, Vol.84, 10-11.
ASA Monitor 1 2020, Vol.84, 10-11.
Few, if any, physicians whom I have had the distinct honor to meet along the way, who found themselves ultimately in the top echelon of hospital administration leadership, initially charted a course to that destination. More times than not, they have followed the path that they were drawn to, or someone has mentored them in that direction. It is time, however, that interested physicians, anesthesiologists in particular, strongly consider primarily setting their personal goals and strategies on what it takes to become those individuals in the nation’s top leadership positions. Hospitals and health care systems need to become the beneficiaries of seasoned and experienced clinicians with talents, training and experience in business administration to help navigate the growing complexities of the transitional and rapidly growing world around us.1 -3 
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