Anesthesiology in the News  |   November 2019
Anesthesiology in the News
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Anesthesiology in the News
Anesthesiology in the News   |   November 2019
Anesthesiology in the News
ASA Monitor 11 2019, Vol.83, 70-71.
ASA Monitor 11 2019, Vol.83, 70-71.
Beverly Philip, M.D., FASA, was quoted in an Associated Press article on the use of propofol in the wake of the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death in June. Dr. Philip focused on the safety of the drug when administered by a physician anesthesiologist. The article, part of a series, was featured online on ABC News, Las Vegas Review-Journal and Houston Chronicle, among other outlets.
In June, Eric Chiang, M.D., and Charles Luke, M.D., were quoted in a Modern Healthcare article titled “Hospitals look to cut opioids from surgery and beyond.” They discussed protocols and practice changes to reduce opioid prescribing and increase the use of postoperative pain management alternatives, including nerve blocks, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. “Overall, long-term opioid reduction often leads to improved patient well-being,” stated Dr. Luke. In another article on opioid alternatives, Eellan Sivanesan, M.D., discussed research on the use of ultrasound as a treatment for chronic knee, hip and shoulder pain. The study, which found additional research is needed to make definite recommendations on the settings or duration of therapeutic ultrasound for chronic joint pain, was featured on Medscape in June. Dr. Sivanesan said, “it is surprising that although this treatment has existed for decades, it has still not received the attention and research support necessary to conduct large-scale clinical trials.”
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