Resident Review  |   November 2019
Is Health Our Patients’ Foremost Concern?
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Resident Review   |   November 2019
Is Health Our Patients’ Foremost Concern?
ASA Monitor 11 2019, Vol.83, 68.
ASA Monitor 11 2019, Vol.83, 68.
We are health care providers. We treat illness, optimize patients, prevent diseases and counsel patients on reducing their health risks. We go to school for years to learn the best and most effective ways to care for our patients’ health, but I have a very humbling reality to share with everyone.
Health is not that important. I’m going to say that again. Health is not that important. Simply put, personal health is frequently not the most important thing to our patients.
As a medical student, I thought good health was the most important thing one could have. But as years go by in my residency training, I am learning that health is just one part of life. While I still value my own health very much, I have come to realize that many people on this earth would disagree, and I cannot let my own bias deny them of their own opinions and decisions.
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November 7, 2019
Andrew Wong
Multiple problems with this article
I understand that sometimes people may value things more than their health; however, there could be other reasons why people don't take a more active role in their own health:
1. Lack of understanding and education about how their behavior can influence their health, and the long-term consequences of this behavior. Sometimes people don't appreciate being able to breath easily or walk until they can't do it anymore.
2. Mental illness
3. Addiction

If the author of this article had a son or daughter who was injecting I.V. drugs, would he be "O.K." with that?
As physicians, we have a role in promoting health.
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