Articles  |   November 2019
Anesthesia SimSTAT – Earn MOCA Credits With Online Simulation Program
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Articles   |   November 2019
Anesthesia SimSTAT – Earn MOCA Credits With Online Simulation Program
ASA Monitor 11 2019, Vol.83, 46-47.
ASA Monitor 11 2019, Vol.83, 46-47.
Staying up to date on the latest approaches to anesthesia emergencies and earning Maintenance of Certification credits have been simplified with the release of five training modules in ASA’s Anesthesia SimSTAT program.
SimSTAT allows anesthesiologists at all levels of experience to improve their management of anesthesia emergencies using a computer at the office or at home, at any time. The program uses a virtual interface to put the user in an O.R., post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) or labor and delivery unit. Users who complete all five SimSTAT modules can earn 25 ABA MOCA 2.0® Part 4 points.
“I am impressed with the fidelity of the environment and the capabilities of these autonomous screen-based simulation products,” said Adam I. Levine, M.D., editor in chief of the ASA Interactive Computer-Based Education Editorial Board (ICBE) who was involved in the development of SimSTAT. “Having been an adamant critic of screen-based simulation in the past, I can see its virtue in reaching more anesthesiologists so they can practice high-risk scenarios in an O.R. setting. I am very excited about the future of SimSTAT.”
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