Administrative Update  |   October 2019
ASA Membership: A Lifetime of Value
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  • Kraig S. de Lanzac, M.D., FASA
    ASA Assistant Secretary
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Administrative Update   |   October 2019
ASA Membership: A Lifetime of Value
ASA Monitor 10 2019, Vol.83, 8-10.
ASA Monitor 10 2019, Vol.83, 8-10.
If you were to poll random ASA member anesthesiologists and ask why they are members, you would see differences along the timeline of their careers. You would also see division along the lines of practice type, location and subspecialty, but I think the career progression lines would have the clearest demarcation. Just as in other professional and social organizations, each of us places a value on member benefits differently based on our needs at that point in time. Membership must be meaningful throughout our careers, and ASA is doing just that. As the Assistant Secretary, along with your Secretary, Kenneth Elmassian, D.O., FASA, my duties center on membership and representation. Over the past year, ASA has made tremendous gains by getting as granular as possible into the career milestones that differentiate our members and their interests. In the October 2018 Monitor, ASA CEO Paul Pomerantz spoke of agility at ASA’s scale. He referenced our ASA Lifecycle and Ecosystem project, which is well under way. The lifecycle breakdown is not as simple as just medical students, residents, fellows and early-, mid- and late-career anesthesiologists. Yes, these groups look very different and present very different opportunities to ASA to deliver on membership value, but the Lifecycle and Ecosystem project will allow us to focus ever closer on the much smaller intervals that represent huge differences in what ASA means to our members.
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