Editorial  |   August 2019
Being Entertained by Governmental Affairs
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  • N. Martin Giesecke, M.D.
    Editor, ASA Monitor
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Ophthalmologic Anesthesia / Patient Safety / Advocacy and Legislative Issues / Editorial
Editorial   |   August 2019
Being Entertained by Governmental Affairs
ASA Monitor 8 2019, Vol.83, 4-5.
ASA Monitor 8 2019, Vol.83, 4-5.
It is a pleasure reading, and editing, the articles that ASA members (and other invitees) write for the Monitor, providing information and education to the wider ASA membership. This month, the task was especially enjoyable for me. The focus of this edition of the Monitor is advocacy and governmental affairs. And though “governmental affairs” is a broad topic, it comprises many issues over which various factions of our membership might argue. And even though many of the governmental topics that will affect all of us are national, there remains the adage that “all politics are local.” Despite one’s political leaning or party affiliation, our “local” should be advocating for the safety of our patients by supporting their right to have physician-led anesthesia care as an option whenever they have surgery or a procedure requiring anesthesia. Whether we approach that goal from a municipal, state or national level, that goal should be our guiding light.
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