Features  |   July 2019
Avoiding Hybrid Remorse: Getting the Most When Designing a Hybrid O.R.
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Features   |   July 2019
Avoiding Hybrid Remorse: Getting the Most When Designing a Hybrid O.R.
ASA Monitor 7 2019, Vol.83, 10-12.
ASA Monitor 7 2019, Vol.83, 10-12.
As more surgical procedures that require the intraoperative use of advanced imaging equipment become commonplace, there is an increasing demand for dedicated O.R.s that incorporate this technology. Hybrid O.R.s combine some of the physical and operational challenges of O.R.s with those of fluoroscopy suites, MRI rooms and sometimes both. The involvement of anesthesiologists in the design process from the beginning is crucial, as we have the perspective to anticipate issues that will impact workflow, patient safety, and the health and welfare of staff working in the room.
An excellent starting point for understanding some of these issues is the ASA Operating Room Design Manual, which includes a pertinent chapter called “Hybrid Operating Rooms.”1  It is complemented by the “Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals” and the 2018 white paper “Hybrid Operating Room Design Basics,” which are both published by the non-profit Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI).2  Despite utilizing these tools and engaging in a thorough prospective design process, there are still some areas of difficulty that might lead one to wish things had been done differently. This article is not intended to be a comprehensive design guideline, as they already exist, but rather a discussion of some lessons learned and a brief review of areas of ongoing research.
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