Editorial  |   June 2019
Achieving Diversity in Anesthesiology
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  • N. Martin Giesecke, M.D.
    Editor, ASA Monitor
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Editorial   |   June 2019
Achieving Diversity in Anesthesiology
ASA Monitor 6 2019, Vol.83, 4-5.
ASA Monitor 6 2019, Vol.83, 4-5.
Look at my photograph, now several years old, just there to the right. It does not shame me that the reader sees a white male physician anesthesiologist. In fact, as my 60th birthday hurtles towards me, and it readily becomes apparent that I am very close to joining the demographic of the “old,” white male physicians, you will still see me hold my head as high as the arthritis in my back will allow. There are some who are older, many others who are wiser, but it is undeniable: when people see me, they see an old, white male. Obviously, my true demographic is more complicated than that, and we’ll expound on that in a moment.
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June 7, 2019
Jeremie Perry
Hendrick Anesthesia Network
Diversity comes in many flavors
Thanks for your editorial, Marty! One of the important elements that defines our success as a species is our cognitive diversity. We often get hung up on external manifestations of our genotypic variation, but ultimately the vast majority of our diversity is unseen. Two people who look very similar oftentimes approach a problem very differently, in part because of the genetic cues that have wired their brain and in part because of environmental experiences that have strengthened different wired pathways in the same organ. It is so important that we measure and evaluate individuals and their contributions to our specialty, not on whether they are old, white and male or young Hispanic and female, but on whether or not they are providing good solutions to clinical problems, diligent vigilance for the welfare of our patients and experiential insight into improving our specialty.
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