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The End of an Era: The Retirement of Roy Cucchiara, M.D.
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Articles   |   May 2019
The End of an Era: The Retirement of Roy Cucchiara, M.D.
ASA Monitor 5 2019, Vol.83, 36-38.
ASA Monitor 5 2019, Vol.83, 36-38.
Roy Cucchiara, M.D., former chair of the departments of anesthesiology at Mayo Clinic Rochester, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and the University of Florida, editor of Miller’s Anesthesia, ABA oral board examiner, and prolific researcher has retired. Having worked with Dr. Cucchiara as a colleague for the last seven years of his career, we had the honor and privilege of sitting down with him to ask for some perspective on what he thinks about anesthesiology’s past, what he finds interesting about our present delivery of anesthesia care and what he thinks awaits us in the future.
Dr. Cucchiara had very humble beginnings, growing up in rural Louisiana. He worked on a farm during his youth, spending hours plowing fields behind a mule. It was during these labor-intensive days that he found himself convinced that, “If I don’t go to college, I will spend the rest of my life looking at the backside of this mule.” Such motivation compelled him to attend Loyola University, a Jesuit institution in New Orleans, in 1961. According to Dr. Cucchiara, “There was a priest at this university whose whole job in life was to get Loyola pre-med students into medical school, [and] to weed out all the ones that weren’t going to make it before they got there.” He excelled during his time at Loyola and subsequently matriculated at Louisiana State University for medical school in 1965.
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