Administrative Update  |   March 2019
Winners say ‘Yes, If’... Losers Say ‘No, Because’ – 2018 Was a Great Year
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  • James D. Grant, M.D., M.B.A., FASA
    ASA Immediate Past President
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Administrative Update   |   March 2019
Winners say ‘Yes, If’... Losers Say ‘No, Because’ – 2018 Was a Great Year
ASA Monitor 3 2019, Vol.83, 8-10.
ASA Monitor 3 2019, Vol.83, 8-10.
After 12 years of my turn at writing an “Administrative Update” and over 50 Monday Morning Outreach messages, this is my last opportunity to reach out to the most amazing and professional membership in organized medicine – the 54,000 members of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.
When we look back at the accomplishments of 2018, it is pretty amazing, but we will not stop here. These accomplishments go from one leadership team to the next, because our successes rest in the fact that we are a team and never dependent on the leadership of any one particular year.
Many years ago, I attended the Board of Directors meeting of the Michigan Health and Hospital Association. A large-system CEO spoke a line that has stuck with me ever since, and I have used it as a foundational quote for 2018: Winners say “Yes, if” and losers say “No, because.”
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