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Articles   |   March 2019
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ASA Monitor 3 2019, Vol.83, 38.
ASA Monitor 3 2019, Vol.83, 38.
The authors of a recent study sought to identify in-hospital mortality rates following hip fracture. Based on the results of their study, which of the following statements is most likely true for patients undergoing surgical repair?
The authors of a recent study sought to identify the in-hospital mortality rate following hip fracture repair. The study was performed in the United Kingdom and was based on a multicenter national data set (the National Hip Fracture Database). The authors examined data from 59,369 patients who underwent surgical correction of hip fracture. Patients who did not proceed to the operating room were excluded from the analysis; however, the authors noted that the inpatient mortality rate for nonoperative patients was significantly higher (48.6 percent) than that of operative patients (6.6 percent).
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