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Articles   |   March 2019
ACE Question
ASA Monitor 3 2019, Vol.83, 34-35.
ASA Monitor 3 2019, Vol.83, 34-35.
A trauma patient at 36 weeks’ gestation suffers a cardiopulmonary arrest in the operating room. Return of spontaneous circulation does not occur after 5 minutes of effective cardiac compressions. Which of the following is most likely true concerning perimortem cesarean delivery?
Perimortem cesarean section is rare and has the potential to improve the survival of both the mother and the neonate. The term cesarean, when referring to delivery of a fetus, comes from ab matris cesare, or “to cut from the mother.” In Roman times, Numa Pompilius decreed that the fetus must be removed before the burial of a pregnant woman was allowed.
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