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Articles   |   January 2019
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ASA Monitor 1 2019, Vol.83, 26-27.
ASA Monitor 1 2019, Vol.83, 26-27.
In the properly executed ramped or head-elevated laryngoscopy position (HELP), which of the following is most likely true?
Laryngoscopy routinely requires manipulation of patient positioning and tissue planes to achieve the necessary view of the glottic opening. Common starting positions include the sniffing position and HELP position, the latter being particularly relevant in obese patients. The sniffing position describes head extension and neck flexion, and improves alignment of the oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal axes (Figure 1). HELP consists of head extension (thus better aligning the oral and pharyngeal axis), cervical spine flexion and further positioning refinement in order to align the external auditory meatus in the same plane as the sternal notch.
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