FAER  |   December 2018
FAER…..and The Importance of Giving
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  • James C. Eisenach, M.D.
    President and CEO, FAER
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Education / CPD / Patient Safety / FAER
FAER   |   December 2018
FAER…..and The Importance of Giving
ASA Monitor 12 2018, Vol.82, 66-67.
ASA Monitor 12 2018, Vol.82, 66-67.
For 32 years the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) has supported high-quality anesthesiology focused research spearheaded by early investigators. FAER funding signals to these individuals during this vulnerable, early period that it is possible to succeed and nurtures them towards careers that transform us and the lives of our patients. While FAER investigators continue a legacy of contributing to the evolution of medicine, the contributions and motivations of FAER donors and volunteers are the unsung heroes of the evolution of the field.
When asked about why he donates to FAER, Kenneth Elmassian, D.O., FASA, and Secretary of the 2018 ASA Administrative Council said, “As someone who has been an outspoken advocate for the practice of anesthesiology, the importance of research and funding our medical sciences is fundamental to our existence and to the advancement of safe patient care.” Dr. Elmassian considers a donation to FAER a necessary yearly gift to the field of anesthesiology. “Only recently did I become aware of how much my individual donation to FAER could make a difference. Like my ASAPAC contribution, my support of FAER has become an annual ritual,” said Dr. Elmassian.
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