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Why Participate in Global Health Educational Projects? One Anesthesiologist’s Viewpoint
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Articles   |   December 2018
Why Participate in Global Health Educational Projects? One Anesthesiologist’s Viewpoint
ASA Monitor 12 2018, Vol.82, 28-30.
ASA Monitor 12 2018, Vol.82, 28-30.
“Why do you care how anesthesia is conducted in some faraway place? They are likely doing the best they can.”
“Why put in the effort? You’re not going to change how things are done.”
“What are you getting out of this?
I commonly hear these types of questions when discussing my participation in global health educational projects. These are international projects focused on education of local clinicians with the ultimate aim of building up the capacity of the local/national health system. One would expect several questions when trying to convince hospital administrators to help cover the cost of travel or allow use of conference/non-clinical time for these endeavors. Unfortunately, sometimes these questions are from our own colleagues. Over the past decade, I have been what I consider fortunate enough to be able to participate in projects in Honduras, Romania, Rwanda and, most recently, India. This latter trip was particularly unique because it involved teaching anesthesiology faculty from Kabul University of Medical Sciences; but instead of travelling to Kabul, all parties met in Bangalore, India, secondary to security concerns in Afghanistan and recent political climate. All of these exchanges have had an enriching impact on me both professionally and personally, and I am a better physician and human being for having participated. Those of my colleagues who have contributed to such efforts feel equally as strong about the issue, and we plan to continue to participate for years to come.
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