SubSpecialties  |   November 2018
Safe Anesthesia for All Children: What Are We Doing About the ‘All’?
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  • Faye M. Evans, M.D., FAAP
    Vice Chair, Committee on Global Humanitarian Outreach
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Pediatric Anesthesia / SubSpecialties
SubSpecialties   |   November 2018
Safe Anesthesia for All Children: What Are We Doing About the ‘All’?
ASA Monitor 11 2018, Vol.82, 46-48.
ASA Monitor 11 2018, Vol.82, 46-48.
When a community receives a Tsunami early warning message, they may have a few hours or only a few minutes to act in an effort to avoid the overwhelming loss of family, friends and anyone in the community who does not have the capacity to escape. We feel like a buoy floating out in the ocean sending an urgent message to those on the shore that a massive wave is coming and we must act now. An enlarging, destructive wave of pediatric surgical morbidity and mortality is coming toward a “continent.” However, if the wave is not headed toward us (or “where we live”), we conclude that this does not require rapid action on our part. Please consider that our response time may perhaps be based upon a limited interpretation of the definition of the words “all” and “community.” When our views become more inclusive and intently cross socio-economic and geographic borders, so that our “all” includes a 2-year-old Tanzanian girl or a 6-month-old Liberian boy who is forced to enter a potentially unsafe surgical ecosystem, we will react with the urgency required.
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