Committees  |   October 2018
First Generation Anesthesiology Residency in Guyana … Where, You Say?!
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Committees   |   October 2018
First Generation Anesthesiology Residency in Guyana … Where, You Say?!
ASA Monitor 10 2018, Vol.82, 70-71.
ASA Monitor 10 2018, Vol.82, 70-71.
A puzzled expression usually emerged on the faces of friends and colleagues when I told them I had accepted an ASA-sponsored opportunity to participate in the education and training of anesthesiology residents at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) in Guyana. I must admit that when I decided to spend three weeks there in April last year, after learning about the program through the Committee on Global Humanitarian Outreach (GHO), I knew little of the country. The only lasting connection that I, and many fellow San Franciscans, would forever have with Guyana was the 1978 mass murder-suicide of members of Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple and its terrorizing effect on our city, which occurred when I was a UCSF medical student. In the nearly 40 years that have passed since those tragic events, Guyana has receded into relative obscurity as the only English-speaking South American country, but which is connected more through culture and identity with the Caribbean islands. Indeed, I have had the good fortune to rediscover Guyana, its unique culture, history and people and to have participated a little in the beginnings of their robust, locally grown, anesthesiology residency training program.
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