Features  |   September 2018
SALT Triage for Mass Casualties
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  • Joseph McIsaac, M.D., M.S., M.B.A., CPE, FASA
    Committee on Trauma and Emergency Preparedness
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Airway Management / Critical Care / Pediatric Anesthesia / Respiratory System / Trauma / Burn Care / Features
Features   |   September 2018
SALT Triage for Mass Casualties
ASA Monitor 9 2018, Vol.82, 20-21.
ASA Monitor 9 2018, Vol.82, 20-21.
No one can ignore the fact that mass casualty events are increasing. The nightly news frequently reports on events that occur close to home. Recent examples include the Boston Marathon bombing, the Las Vegas mass shooting, the Humboldt, Canada, bus accident and numerous school shootings. More than 225 million people worldwide are affected each year by disasters and, while exact statistics are not kept, victims of mass shootings in the United States have become more common over the past few decades.1,2  By definition, a mass casualty incident (MCI) overwhelms existing resources and necessitates existing personnel to best manage limited resources. Anesthesia providers are well qualified to resuscitate individuals in a hospital setting but are not generally trained to provide care in the field or to multiple, critically ill or injured victims at the same time. The most important skill we are missing from our practice is that of triage.
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