FAER  |   August 2018
How a Bike Mechanic Came to Build an Airplane
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FAER   |   August 2018
How a Bike Mechanic Came to Build an Airplane
ASA Monitor 8 2018, Vol.82, 70-71.
ASA Monitor 8 2018, Vol.82, 70-71.
In 1903, two bicycle mechanics changed history with the world’s first powered flight. How did the Wright brothers manage this feat? Ultimately, their dedication and ingenuity were matched by support from those around them, allowing them to pivot from bicycle mechanics to aviation innovators.1  The Wright brothers are hometown heroes for me, since we share stomping grounds in Dayton, Ohio. Their legacy is engrained in the scientific and academic fabric of the region, from Wright State University and the University of Dayton Fliers to an eponymous air force base. Looking back on my hometown and reflecting on my current position, starting a research career in anesthesia often seems just as daunting as catapulting off the top of a Kittyhawk sand dune in a handmade kite. However, support from FAER has made this not only feasible but a reality.
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