Features  |   August 2018
ASA TASK FORCE ON STATE ADVOCACY: Your Eyes on the State-Level Horizon
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  • Jay Epstein, M.D.
    Task Force on State Advocacy; Committee on Governmental Affairs
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Advocacy and Legislative Issues / Features
Features   |   August 2018
ASA TASK FORCE ON STATE ADVOCACY: Your Eyes on the State-Level Horizon
ASA Monitor 8 2018, Vol.82, 18-20.
ASA Monitor 8 2018, Vol.82, 18-20.
Whether in the O.R., ICU, obstetric floor, endoscopy suite or pain medicine office, physician anesthesiologists are trained to anticipate and be prepared for any contingency or emergency. In the same manner, the Task Force on State Advocacy works closely with ASA’s State Affairs Department to monitor the political landscape nationwide and react swiftly to any regional brushfires that may develop. Composed of Committee on Governmental Affairs (CGA) members, the task force serves as a resource for physician leaders with their state-level advocacy efforts.
Beyond offering strategic guidance, advocacy resources and messaging assistance, the task force keeps a keen eye on potential problems by constantly scanning the state level legislative and regulatory environments to identify areas of concern as well as opportunities to improve patient safety measures. A truism of state advocacy is the genesis of a new, unanticipated and challenging state-based issue every three to five years. The ASA State Affairs office, based in D.C. and led by Jason Hansen, remains focused on the state-level horizon to ensure the resources are in place to assist our state chapters with legislative and/or regulatory boards.
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