FAER  |   July 2018
FAER … and Enhanced Recovery
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FAER   |   July 2018
FAER … and Enhanced Recovery
ASA Monitor 7 2018, Vol.82, 54-55.
ASA Monitor 7 2018, Vol.82, 54-55.
Anesthesiology prides itself in its safety record, yet there are many remaining dangers to the patient in the perioperative period that need (and are receiving) our attention. FAER has supported and is supporting some remarkable young physicians advancing discovery and implementation of enhanced recovery.
We don’t commonly consider preoperative testing as important to enhanced recovery. Catherine Chen, M.D., at UC San Francisco, through her FAER mentored research training grant, has been asking about risks associated with unnecessary preoperative medical testing for patients undergoing cataract surgery. In work published in The New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA Ophthalmology, she shows that these tests still occur quite frequently among Medicare patients, that testing is driven by individual physicians rather than by severity of patient illness, and that tests are often ordered shortly after surgery is scheduled, oftentimes well beyond the 30-day window typically defined as preoperative testing. Unnecessary testing can result in delayed surgery, leaving patients with poor vision vulnerable to risk of falls and the serious injuries that can result. “My research will provide evidence of the clinical consequences of providing low-value care and clarify any association between what has previously been considered a “benign” preoperative intervention (testing) and the potentially devastating adverse events that can result from delaying necessary care” states Dr. Chen.
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