Articles  |   July 2018
National Medical Association: The Pursuit of Equitable Health Care
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  • Nicole C.P. Thompson, M.D., Chair
    Anesthesiology Section, National Medical Association
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Articles   |   July 2018
National Medical Association: The Pursuit of Equitable Health Care
ASA Monitor 7 2018, Vol.82, 34.
ASA Monitor 7 2018, Vol.82, 34.
Over the last 123 years, the National Medical Association (NMA) has been a beacon for African-American physicians. This organization was founded in 1895 by Daniel Hale Williams, M.D., Daniel L. Martin, M.D., David H.C. Scott, M.D., H.R. Butler, M.D., Miles V. Lynk, M.D., and Robert F. Boyd, M.D. It has been instrumental in working toward health care equity since being established. Its mission is “to advance the art and science of medicine for people of African descent through education, advocacy, and health policy to promote health and wellness, eliminate health disparities, and sustain physician viability.” The NMA was founded because the American Medical Association would not allow African-American physicians to become members. This gave no voice to the concerns of physicians of color and, in turn, gave no voice to their patients. The AMA issued an official apology to NMA in July 2008 for this historical level of discrimination, and the NMA accepted. Since its inception, the NMA has been diligently working to improve health care outcomes for underserved populations and provide our physicians a place where they can be heard and a place to belong.
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