Features  |   July 2018
Enhanced Recovery Pathways: Current Controversies
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Features   |   July 2018
Enhanced Recovery Pathways: Current Controversies
ASA Monitor 7 2018, Vol.82, 12-14.
ASA Monitor 7 2018, Vol.82, 12-14.
Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) pathways, or enhanced recovery pathways (ERPs), involve multi-disciplinary, multimodal evidence-based interventions that attenuate the surgical stress response and maintain perioperative physiological function, and thus reduce postoperative complications and accelerate recovery.1  ERPs have been successfully integrated in routine perioperative care in several European medical centers for more than a decade, and in recent years they are increasingly embraced in a variety of disciplines in the United States. In this article, we discuss the current controversies of ERPs with the hope that the medical centers which plan to implement these programs use the updated evidence in their practice, as comprehensive reviews and guidelines published in recent years have not always included the updated information.2 
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