Letter to the Editor  |   June 2018
Education and Vigilance
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  • Evan G. Pivalizza, M.D.
    Houston, Texas
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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor   |   June 2018
Education and Vigilance
ASA Monitor 6 2018, Vol.82, 60.
ASA Monitor 6 2018, Vol.82, 60.
Kudos to the ASA Monitor for the March edition committed to education in anesthesiology, a topic which remains a prime goal of academic physician anesthesiologists. Unfortunately, the accompanying cover picture depicts three members of the (presumably) anesthesia team intently focused on the TEE display, with no apparent attention being afforded to either the patient, the anesthesia workstation or the surgical field and team. Perhaps the patient is on cardiopulmonary bypass, although this does not negate the necessary vigilance – which is a basic tenet of our profession and prominently displayed on our ASA logo.
Educational efforts, especially in the operating room environment, are applauded and vital. However, it is imperative that close attention is maintained to the patient, monitors and surgical conditions. Attention to these should not be diminished by technological or other distractions, and it should always be the responsibility of at least one member of the anesthesia team.
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