Committees  |   June 2018
Transitioning to Practice for Young Physicians
Author Affiliations
  • Christine Nguyen-Buckley, M.D.
    Committee on Young Physicians
  • Travis J. Teetor, M.D., FASA
    Committee on Young Physicians
  • Jessica Sumski, M.D.
    Committee on Young Physicians
  • Catherine M. Kuza, M.D.
    Committee on Young Physicians
  • Ashish Khanna, M.D., FCCP, FCCM
    Committee on Young Physicians
  • Julius Hamilton, M.D.
    Committee on Young Physicians
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Critical Care / Education / CPD / Committees
Committees   |   June 2018
Transitioning to Practice for Young Physicians
ASA Monitor 6 2018, Vol.82, 48-50.
ASA Monitor 6 2018, Vol.82, 48-50.
Anesthesiologists face many challenges and opportunities for growth in their initial years of practice. In this article, anesthesiologists from the ASA Committee on Young Physicians discuss various aspects of transitioning to practice, including where to practice, transitioning to academic and private practice, resources for help, and financial planning. This advice is not meant to be all-encompassing but rather highlights real-life examples based on the authors’ personal experiences.
There are many things to consider when deciding what type of practice to join. Benefits of academic practice include teaching trainees, opportunities for clinical and basic research, and decreased overhead expenses. Private practice may offer higher salaries and opportunities to regularly use skills in a variety of subspecialty areas. Family dynamics are often highly considered when deciding where to practice. Anesthesiologists may wish to return to their family upon completion of training, especially if they have young children. Others may accept a position in a location due to their spouse’s job constraints. Lifestyle factors may be an important consideration, including proximity to amenities such as large cities and recreational activities, cost of living and various state income tax structures. Obligations to the U.S. through military service, or expectations to return to a family legacy practice may affect the location of practice.
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