FAER  |   May 2018
A Lesson in Uncertainty: How FAER Helped an Engineer Find His Calling
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Airway Management / Critical Care / Education / CPD / Respiratory System / FAER
FAER   |   May 2018
A Lesson in Uncertainty: How FAER Helped an Engineer Find His Calling
ASA Monitor 5 2018, Vol.82, 62-63.
ASA Monitor 5 2018, Vol.82, 62-63.
There are few things in medicine as frustrating as uncertainty. For most of us, uncertainties abound every day in our professional lives – in diagnosis, in treatment, in outcome, and on a more personal level, in career trajectory. But, for me, there has always been one certainty that I have clung to in my professional life – that I was always an engineer. Growing up, I tinkered with the inner workings of radios, telephones or whatever I could find. In high school I gravitated towards mathematics and the physical sciences such that a major in engineering seemed obvious to me. But being also fascinated with the life sciences, I settled on the emerging field of biomedical engineering at Boston University. While I had no firm plans after college, the opportunity to complete pre-medical requirements as a part of the curriculum allowed me to keep my future options open. A year-long senior design project was required as part of the degree, and I focused on measuring respiratory mechanics in the laboratory of Dr. Ken Lutchen. I enjoyed the research so much that I signed up to pursue my M.S. degree in his lab, which at the time was focused on a variety of signal processing and mathematical modeling techniques to understand the mechanical derangements associated with various lung diseases.
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May 8, 2018
Brett Simon
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Conflict of Interest: Mentor of Dr Kaczka

Congratulations, Dave! Your successes are a testament to your talents, hard work and unwavering dedication to solving important problems, with key help from FAER at critical junctures. Looking forward to seeing a brilliant new device come from your exciting new venture!

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