Administrative Update  |   May 2018
Division of Scientific Affairs – Its Members Advance ASA’s Science and Education Mission
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  • Beverly K. Philip, M.D., FACA, FASA
    ASA Vice President for Scientific Affairs
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Education / CPD / Administrative Update
Administrative Update   |   May 2018
Division of Scientific Affairs – Its Members Advance ASA’s Science and Education Mission
ASA Monitor 5 2018, Vol.82, 6-7.
ASA Monitor 5 2018, Vol.82, 6-7.
The ASA members of the committees and editorial boards of the Division of Scientific Affairs are actively working to advance our specialty. The Division is composed of five Sections, addressing Clinical Care, Subspecialties, Research and Education, Publications, and Annual Meeting. Altogether, the Division consists of more than 800 positions, and every one contributes to the scientific mission of physician anesthesiology.
The Section on Clinical Care (chaired by Randall Clark, M.D., FASA) is composed of the committees representing a spectrum of clinical interests, including Equipment and Facilities (Robert Loeb, M.D., Chair), Occupational Health (Mary Ann Vann, M.D., FASA, Chair) 
Patient Blood Management (Linda Shore-Lesserson, M.D., Chair), Respiratory Care (Allen Gustin, M.D., Chair), Surgical and Procedural Anesthesia (Brian Cammarata, M.D., FASA, Chair) and Trauma and Emergency Preparedness (Carin Hagberg, M.D., FASA, Chair). Every committee in this section has liaison positions to external common-interest organizations and societies, as well as to regulatory and standards organizations concerned with their work. The committees generate statements on topics of current and ongoing interest that are brought to the House of Delegates for official approval, and also generate work products to advise members on practice issues. We’ve seen recent reports from Committee on Equipment and Facilities about the manual on Greening the Operating Room, supporting their special interest in environmental sustainability, as well as the Manual of Operating Room Design, both found on the ASA website. This committee also is working to create CME-accredited programs to better educate us about the advanced medical technology we use daily. The Committee on Respiratory Care is maintaining close liaison and support for the profession of respiratory therapy and its education and licensing organizations.
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