SubSpecialties  |   April 2018
Association of University of Anesthesiologists (AUA) Update
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  • Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish, M.D.
    Association of University Anesthesiologists
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Critical Care / Pain Medicine / SubSpecialties
SubSpecialties   |   April 2018
Association of University of Anesthesiologists (AUA) Update
ASA Monitor 4 2018, Vol.82, 66.
ASA Monitor 4 2018, Vol.82, 66.
The Association of University of Anesthesiologists was started in 1953 and its first meeting was held on January 9, 1954 at Massachusetts General Hospital. The goal was to help anesthesiologists network and highlight achievements in academic anesthesiology.
Over the last five years, the ability of this organization to achieve its goals has been enhanced due to the concerted efforts of many people, particularly Drs. Debra Schwinn, Lee Fleisher, Alex Evers and Tony Jones. The AUA formally aligned with the IARS (International Anesthesia Research Society), and annual meetings are now collocated. There are now several joint activities between the AUA and IARS, including presentations of new science. This alignment has promoted improved networking and collaboration among international academic leaders in anesthesiology. The Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists (SOCCA) has also aligned its annual meeting with the IARS meeting, which has facilitated interactions between AUA members and leaders in critical care anesthesiology. Of note, the three organizations (AUA, IARS and SOCCA) now cooperate in organizing an aligned meeting day on the Saturday of their annual meetings, incorporating academic content that is of interest to members of each organization. This partial integration of the meetings has led to a substantial increase in attendees at all meetings, and increased satisfaction with the programs offered.
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