Features  |   March 2018
What is a Teacher? We Are All Teachers!
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  • Michael R. Sandison, M.D.
    Society for Education in Anesthesia
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Education / CPD / Quality Improvement / Features
Features   |   March 2018
What is a Teacher? We Are All Teachers!
ASA Monitor 03 2018, Vol.82, 8-10.
ASA Monitor 03 2018, Vol.82, 8-10.
As doctors (from Middle English doctor, “an expert, authority on a subject,” doctour, from Anglo-Norman doctour, from Latin doctor, “teacher,” from doceō, “I teach”), we have inherited not only the mantle of healing and comforting the sick, but also the responsibility to teach others: our patients, students, residents, administrators, and our medical and nursing colleagues. Whether we are in academic practice with or without residency programs, or in any other model of practice, we all fulfill the roles of a teacher. We will explore these roles within the framework (Figure 1) defined by the great clinical educator Ronald Harden.1 
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