Administrative Update  |   March 2018
A Possibility of Extinction? Really?
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  • Jeffrey S. Plagenhoef, M.D., FASA
    ASA Immediate Past President
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Cardiovascular Anesthesia / Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems / Education / CPD / Ophthalmologic Anesthesia / Pain Medicine / Practice Management / Technology / Equipment / Monitoring / Advocacy and Legislative Issues / Administrative Update
Administrative Update   |   March 2018
A Possibility of Extinction? Really?
ASA Monitor 03 2018, Vol.82, 6-7.
ASA Monitor 03 2018, Vol.82, 6-7.
In my final officer’s message, I want to first convey my sincere appreciation to the many colleagues who have sent me exceptionally kind messages regarding my service to our specialty. Please recognize that ASA leadership is a team sport played daily by the concomitant efforts of many dedicated and passionate ASA staff and physician leaders. Without our team, my efforts would have been impotent at best. So the praise and compliments for a great 2016-17 rightfully go to the anesthesiology leadership team across this country composed of colleagues accepting personal responsibility for the current state and future state of our specialty.
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