Features  |   December 2017
Update on the Committee on Occupational Health
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    Committee on Occupation Health
    FASA, Chair
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Features   |   December 2017
Update on the Committee on Occupational Health
ASA Monitor 12 2017, Vol.81, 8-9.
ASA Monitor 12 2017, Vol.81, 8-9.
The ASA Committee on Occupational Health (COOH) deals with a broad range of topics that affect physician anesthesiologists’ health and well-being. In fact, the breadth of the subject matter exceeds the expertise of the 15 committee members. The COOH is unique in having “Advisory Groups” led by committee members but composed of volunteers who contribute valuable insight and knowledge to the committee on certain subjects.
This committee was initially created in response to the issue of substance abuse. While the substances and circumstances of abuse may have changed since then, this issue remains a priority. In 2016, the House of Delegates approved our statement on Substance Use Disorder (SUD). In the last two years, the advisory group on SUD prevention, led by chair Keith Berge, M.D., and vice chair Michael Fitzsimons, M.D., have produced materials for the ASA website, including a full curriculum and resources. Current issues discussed by the advisory group include drug testing in the workplace, prevention of drug diversion, re-entry to anesthesia practice after treatment for SUD and the special situation of SUD among resident physicians.
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