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Articles   |   November 2017
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ASA Monitor 11 2017, Vol.81, 56-57.
ASA Monitor 11 2017, Vol.81, 56-57.
Kidney transplantation is limited by available organs. The use of organs from human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-incompatible living donors would potentially increase the available organ pool. According to a recent retrospective matched-cohort study, patients receiving an incompatible live-donor kidney after desensitization were most likely to demonstrate which of the following compared to patients remaining on the waiting list or receiving a deceased-donor transplant?
Kidney transplantation remains the preferred treatment for end-stage renal disease. Ideally, the donor organs are selected for the recipient using human leukocyte antigen (HLA) matching. However, many patients develop anti-HLA antibodies, making matching difficult or impossible. These patients can undergo a desensitizing protocol and then receive an HLA-incompatible kidney from a live donor. Questions remain regarding the outcomes of patients who receive incompatible organs, as these patients do worse than those receiving matched organs, but outcomes may be improved compared to patients remaining on the transplant waiting list. A recent study was designed to compare outcomes of patients receiving incompatible live-donor organs to matched controls who remained on the waiting list for transplantation without receiving a transplant (waiting-list-only control group) or those who remained on the waiting list or received a deceased-donor organ (waiting-list-or-transplant control group). The authors believed the study design to be comparable to the real-world alternatives faced by patients with end-stage renal disease.
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