Administrative Update  |   September 2017
Paying Our Dues
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  • Mary Dale Peterson, M.D., MSHCA
    ASA Treasurer
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Pediatric Anesthesia / Advocacy and Legislative Issues / Quality Improvement / Administrative Update
Administrative Update   |   September 2017
Paying Our Dues
ASA Monitor 09 2017, Vol.81, 6-7.
ASA Monitor 09 2017, Vol.81, 6-7.
It does take a lot of money to make dreams come true. It also takes a lot of money to be a medical association that can truly serve its members in the most challenging of times. I have been your Assistant Treasurer for five years and now your Treasurer for two years, and I have seen tremendous changes in our organization that I would like to describe for you. Many times, when we are in the day-to-day trenches, we forget to look back at our accomplishments. I hope this look back over the last seven years will remind us that our hard-earned dues have helped some of our dreams come true.
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