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Articles   |   September 2017
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ASA Monitor 09 2017, Vol.81, 46.
ASA Monitor 09 2017, Vol.81, 46.
A 49-year-old woman is presenting for a vaginal hysterectomy. She has a history of experiencing postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) after a previous surgery. You recommend that she receive a single oral dose of 1,200 mg of gabapentin on the morning of the operation. Based on a recent meta-analysis on the effect of preoperative gabapentin on PONV, which of the following is the most likely outcome?
Postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is a common occurrence after general anesthesia and is associated with significant morbidity. Many approaches have been used in attempts to reduce the occurrence of PONV, including the more widespread use of nonopioid-based pain management strategies. Some studies on perioperative gabapentin have found it to be useful in the prevention of PONV. However, in many of these, PONV prevention was examined as a secondary end point. The authors of a recent article conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies reporting the effect of preoperative gabapentin administration on PONV; they specifically sought to identify studies where PONV was a primary end point in order to establish a pooled estimate of antiemetic effect.
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