Resident Review  |   August 2017
Emerging Display Technology: Augmented Reality in Medicine
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Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems / Education / CPD / Patient Safety / Pediatric Anesthesia / Technology / Equipment / Monitoring / Quality Improvement / Resident Review
Resident Review   |   August 2017
Emerging Display Technology: Augmented Reality in Medicine
ASA Monitor 08 2017, Vol.81, 56-57.
ASA Monitor 08 2017, Vol.81, 56-57.
Imagine receiving a call to place an epidural for a laboring patient. You position the patient, glove up and put on virtual reality goggles. Your “robot” responds seamlessly to your every move and is able to detect subtle changes in resistance while providing immediate feedback. This may seem like a scene from a sci-fi film, but imaging research has rapidly evolved in recent years. Recently proposed image-guided medical procedures utilize 3-D technology that allows stereoscopic sensation and depth feedback.1  Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging has already been proposed for placement of peripheral nerve blocks and shows promise moving forward.2  Display technology is a field that anesthesiologists can take advantage of, helping us perform procedures safely and effectively. The evolution of display technology is key for appreciating this breakthrough technology.
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