Features  |   August 2017
Advocacy – Always Be Educating
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Advocacy and Legislative Issues / Features
Features   |   August 2017
Advocacy – Always Be Educating
ASA Monitor 08 2017, Vol.81, 16-18.
ASA Monitor 08 2017, Vol.81, 16-18.
Like many of you, we find attending the ASA LEGISLATIVE CONFERENCE in Washington, D.C. to be an invigorating experience. While the fall ASA ANESTHESIOLOGY® meeting tends to stimulate us with new academic knowledge and clinical skills to bring into our practice, the spring LEGISLATIVE CONFERENCE concentrates on motivating us to better advocate for our patients and our profession. It is the pep rally that gets you excited about home-coming and winning and making a difference in your state.
You do get excited in Washington D.C., don’t you? Some would cynically say, sure you might get excited during the meeting, but that feeling is rapidly fading by the time you settle into your seat in coach getting ready for takeoff. That is an attitude that we must all consciously resist. We can and we must choose to be better than that. With all the speakers on the many different issues, with the curbside chats throughout the day and the dinner discussions in the evening, we will bet that most all of you had some inspired ideas and plans for what you could do back home that would make a difference in our advocacy battles.
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