Editorial  |   July 2017
Anesthesia and Sleep
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  • N. Martin Giesecke, M.D.
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Respiratory System / Sleep Medicine / Editorial
Editorial   |   July 2017
Anesthesia and Sleep
ASA Monitor 07 2017, Vol.81, 4-5.
ASA Monitor 07 2017, Vol.81, 4-5.
It is likely that the reader might recall one of my favorite stories, as it most certainly has been told here at some time in the past. Early in my private practice career, I found myself providing anesthesia care to a young boy of about 8 years old. He was having a urologic procedure done. He was well informed by his parents and quite cooperative with me. He was also certain that he was going to sleep for his surgery, and that he could resist whatever it was that I was going to do, all the while remaining awake. If anesthesia was like a nap, he was going to show us that he wasn’t ready to fall asleep. So, a deal was made. He was to count to 10 and I would tell him later how far he made it. After a propofol induction, he made it to three.
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