Features  |   March 2017
The OB Patient Experience – A New Paradigm
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  • Mark Zakowski, M.D.
    Committee on Obstetric Anesthesia
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Features   |   March 2017
The OB Patient Experience – A New Paradigm
ASA Monitor 03 2017, Vol.81, 14-16.
ASA Monitor 03 2017, Vol.81, 14-16.
Patient experience is the new Holy Grail. Just as patient satisfaction became king, scores are no longer sufficient. Like any business, a positive customer experience leads to brand loyalty, repeat business, referrals and social proof. Long ago, I incorporated the “business” aspects of running a busy obstetric anesthesiology service into my curriculum for obstetric anesthesiology fellowship. To thrive in 2017, you need to know, too!
Why should “patient experience” be important to every anesthesiologist? The speed of change has accelerated, and the new paradigm has arrived. The old paradigm: hospitals had predictable growth, steady demand and felt protected by relatively limited competition and regulatory agencies.1  Include onerous over-regulation and the old model led to a high-cost infrastructure that will not be financially viable. Market forces are likely to be accelerated by the new administration. While patient satisfaction currently affects reimbursements, the new emphasis on the overall patient experience reveals a more fundamental shift in hospital viability strategies. Expect to be rated by your patients in social media one day very soon.
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