SubSpecialties  |   January 2017
ASRA Update
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  • Oscar A. de Leon-Casasola, M.D.
    American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA)
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SubSpecialties   |   January 2017
ASRA Update
ASA Monitor 01 2017, Vol.81, 50-51.
ASA Monitor 01 2017, Vol.81, 50-51.
Due to space constraints, I will address the salient points in membership, education, collaborations, outreach and the advances in science in an abbreviated fashion. I have to express my appreciation to the executive office, ASRA committees and the ASRA Board of Directors for their support.
We have 4,419 members. Since we finished 2014 with 3,641 and 2015 with 4,275 members, we continue to grow. Special interest groups (SIG) continue to expand; we now have eight SIGS: Ultrasonography (US), Regenerative Medicine, Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS), Pediatric Regional and Pain, Neuromodulation, Headache, Functional Medicine, and the latest is an NP/PA/Clinical Nurse. They all are very active, and 34 percent of our members belong to a SIG. Each SIG will generate a Parallel Session for the spring and fall ASRA meetings. The apps for iOS and Android platforms continue to perform well; the Regional Anesthesia Anticoagulation Guidelines app has the latest information available (see last section for an update on the latest iteration of these guidelines, soon to be published in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine), the Chronic Pain Anti-coagulation Guidelines, the Time Out, and Local Anesthesia Toxicity (available on iTunes only). Participation at both our spring and fall meetings continues to increase. We had our most successful meetings last year, and we are looking at breaking records for participation this year. Likewise, the US and Chronic Pain US workshops have been very successful, and we are introducing a new work-shop, the PoCUS workshop, to the lineup. The February 2017 PoCUS sessions is already sold out, but we will increase the number of slots for 2018 so we can serve more of our members and non-members.
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