Features  |   January 2017
Positioning Your Practice to Succeed in a Value-based Era
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Features   |   January 2017
Positioning Your Practice to Succeed in a Value-based Era
ASA Monitor 01 2017, Vol.81, 26-27.
ASA Monitor 01 2017, Vol.81, 26-27.
Health care is constantly evolving. To be best-positioned, physicians who are equipped to make informed decisions will thrive in the increasingly challenging environment of health care reform. To meet the needs of their patients, anesthesiologists can proactively act as catalysts for change by capturing, analyzing and utilizing data that measures the patient experience, satisfaction and overall value.
Since the term “customer-centric marketing” entered the lexicon in the year 20001 , businesses everywhere have been on a mission to monetize the Customer Experience (CX). Five years into the new millennium, Jay Galbraith, the preeminent expert in organizational science, published his seminal textbook on designing customer-centric organizations, and that same year the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched the pilot of its first value-based purchasing project, the three-year Medicare Physician Group Practice demonstration.
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