FAER  |   December 2016
FAER Funding Helps Maintain Continuous Transformation
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  • James C. Eisenach, M.D.
    Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research
    President and CEO
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Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems / Education / CPD / Pharmacology / FAER
FAER   |   December 2016
FAER Funding Helps Maintain Continuous Transformation
ASA Monitor 12 2016, Vol.80, 62-63.
ASA Monitor 12 2016, Vol.80, 62-63.
To change (something) completely and usually in a good way.
When my classmates and I were in training 30 years ago, we did not expect that we would serve as primary care physicians, yet we now play an important role in reducing death from tobacco use. We did not anticipate that we go beyond methods to assess depth of anesthesia and measure consciousness and near-death experiences, yet we do the former on a regular basis and have pushed the envelope in understanding of the latter. We did not consider that we would move from the blind art to the seeing science that is modern regional anesthesia, and at the same time guide regulation to reduce paralysis and create an antidote from overdose using these techniques. Yet regional anesthesia has experienced a renaissance and become safer over the past few decades because we did just that.
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