Articles  |   September 2016
Honoring Our Heroes: The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology Distinguished Service Award
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  • Kathryn E. McGoldrick, M.D.
    WLM Past President, 2001-2004
    FCAI (Hon)
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Articles   |   September 2016
Honoring Our Heroes: The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology Distinguished Service Award
ASA Monitor 09 2016, Vol.80, 40-41.
ASA Monitor 09 2016, Vol.80, 40-41.
For centuries, those familiar with Celtic folklore and mythology have been inspired by the story of the Irish mythological hero Cú Chulainn. Mortally wounded in battle, Cú Chulainn tied himself to a standing stone with his own intestines to die on his feet, facing his enemies. That this legend has endured for countless generations attests, I think, to the need for us mortals to have heroes, to celebrate courage, perseverance, excellence, dedication and a host of other noble human attributes.
When the bibliophile and avid collector of anesthesia equipment and artifacts, Paul M. Wood, M.D. (1894-1963), donated his personal collection to ASA in the early 1930s, what was to become the eponymous Library-Museum of Anesthesiology was basically a one-man operation. Over the years, however, the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology (WLM) has expanded and flourished. It is now served by highly accomplished and dedicated staff members, an honorary curator, nine trustees and several former trustees and officers as well as numerous committee members, all of whom feel passionately about the WLM’s mission to preserve and promote the historical, educational and archival treasures integral to the heritage of anesthesiology. During my 22-year involvement with the WLM, I have been deeply touched by the extended and extensive commitment the WLM family has made to the institution. Their service is truly a labor of love, and we thought it long past due to establish the WLM Distinguished Service Award (DSA) to honor the leadership, engagement and example of our most outstanding volunteers. Toward that end, for the first (and only) time, three exceptional colleagues will be honored with the WLM DSA at the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2016 annual meeting (in subsequent years, no more than one person per year will be eligible for the award). This year’s distinguished awardees are Drs. Donald Caton, Elliott V. Miller and Charles C. Tandy.
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