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Articles   |   August 2016
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ASA Monitor 08 2016, Vol.80, 44-45.
ASA Monitor 08 2016, Vol.80, 44-45.
As a member of the budget committee, you are asked by your colleagues to assess the cost advantages of single-use fiberoptic scopes versus reusable fiberoptic scopes for airway management. Based on a recent British cost-comparison study of these devices, which of the following statements is most likely true?
Fiberoptic scopes (fiberscopes) are important tools for airway management. While reusable fiberscopes have accounted for the majority of available devices, more recently, single-use fiberscopes have entered the market. Single-use fiberscopes are appealing, as they eliminate costs for storage, cleaning and repair. However, a limiting factor in the popularity of single-use fiberscopes has been their cost (about $300 per device).
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