Anesthesiology in the News  |   May 2016
Anesthesiology in the News
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Anesthesiology in the News
Anesthesiology in the News   |   May 2016
Anesthesiology in the News
ASA Monitor 05 2016, Vol.80, 66-67.
ASA Monitor 05 2016, Vol.80, 66-67.
ASA contributes an article each month to A December article by Anita Gupta, D.O., Pharm.D., addressed how physicians can curb the growing problem of overuse and abuse of prescription opioid painkillers. In January, Kenneth Elmassian, D.O., discussed the importance of taking action during specialty awareness weeks. Women’s pain and increasing awareness of gender bias in pain treatment were explained in a February article by Padma Gulur, M.D., titled “Women may experience more pain than men, but receive less treatment for it.”
ASA members have also submitted independent articles that were accepted by In December, Marjorie Stiegler, M.D., wrote an article addressing “hostility” among health care professionals and stressed that all health care professionals are critically important. Also in December, Edward Mariano, M.D., wrote the article, “Six tips to be a great physician leader.” Advice included clearly defining your identity as a physician anesthesiologist, because about 60 percent of the public does not know anesthesiologists are physicians. Emily Knipper, M.D., explained what it means to be a pediatric physician anesthesiologist in a February article. Parents are often overwhelmed as their child undergoes surgery, and pediatric anesthesiologists are there to work with the entire health care team to protect the child, said Dr. Knipper.
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