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Daniel C. Moore, M.D., 1918-2015
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Articles   |   April 2016
Daniel C. Moore, M.D., 1918-2015
ASA Monitor 04 2016, Vol.80, 38-39.
ASA Monitor 04 2016, Vol.80, 38-39.
On September 6, 2015, ASA lost one of its more colorful Past Presidents, Dr. Daniel Charles Moore, just three days shy of his 97th birthday. Dr. Moore served as ASA president in 1959, but will be most remembered for his passionate advocacy for regional anesthesia procedures in the middle of the last century, when advances in general anesthesia drugs and techniques threatened to make regional block obsolete. With his life-long friend, Dr. John J. Bonica, Dr. Moore preached and promulgated regional approaches at local, national and international meetings. His heavily illustrated 1953 textbook Regional Block became the bible for an entire generation of regional anesthesiologists, along with his three other textbooks. His multiple publications about clinical safety and utility became the background of regional anesthesia practice. His department’s clinical research on bupivacaine was the foundation of FDA approval of that drug. He made major contributions in the area of local anesthetic toxicity, including introduction in 1981 of the classic “epinephrine test dose” to warn of intravascular injection of local anesthetic. Although his mantra of “no paresthesia, no anesthesia” has long been outmoded by the introduction of the nerve stimulator and now the use of ultrasound, he nevertheless was a prophetic voice for regional techniques for a generation. He served as an inspiration to other prophets of regional, such as Dr. Alon Winnie. His passion carried on to the national level with the resurrection of the American Society of Regional Anesthesia (ASRA) in 1977, with he and Dr. Bonica as advisors to Drs. L. Donald Bridenbaugh from his department, and Alon Winnie, among the other founding fathers of the second ASRA.
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