Editorial  |   March 2016
Dressing the Part of the Professional
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  • N. Martin Giesecke, M.D.
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Editorial   |   March 2016
Dressing the Part of the Professional
ASA Monitor 03 2016, Vol.80, 4-5.
ASA Monitor 03 2016, Vol.80, 4-5.
As I contemplate this Monitor’s focus on professionalism, I smile at how naïve I once was. It is likely there was a time when I used an editorial as my personal soapbox to promote my once-held belief that physician anesthesiologists who did not wear a coat and tie outside of the O.R. were not presenting themselves in as professional a manner as possible. That this is likely true rests in the fact that I have followed two other editors of this monthly com-munication to the ASA membership who have also commented on proper physician attire. It was my experience in one of my training environments to work with a group of private practice physicians who, at the end of their O.R. day, put on a coat and tie to do their preoperative anesthesiology evaluations for the next day’s patients. And the typical white lab coat did not do for this ensemble. Perhaps more important in shaping my opinion on this is the mere idea of one wearing scrubs from a relatively contaminated hospital setting to a clean home setting. And the reverse is true; donning scrubs at home, then walking directly into the O.R. in those same scrubs, seems like bringing possible outside contamination into the O.R. Perhaps I have mellowed out in my mid-century of life, but I no longer harp on how not wearing a coat and tie to work is unprofessional. Let’s look at the evolution of this change in belief.
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