Anesthesiology in the News  |   January 2016
Anesthesiology in the News
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Anesthesiology in the News
Anesthesiology in the News   |   January 2016
Anesthesiology in the News
ASA Monitor 01 2016, Vol.80, 56-57.
ASA Monitor 01 2016, Vol.80, 56-57.
ASA contributes an article each month to From swimming accidents to car crashes, Maureen McCunn, M.D., and Karla Villacin, M.D., highlighted the important work trauma physician anesthesiologists do during the summer busy season in July. Susan Curling, M.D., wrote about advances in anesthesia quality and patient safety in an article titled “The most feared medical specialty? It’s actually one of the safest,” in August. A September article by Edward Mariano, M.D., discussed acute pain medicine and the need for specialists in this area for Pain Awareness Month. Paul Ting, M.D., encouraged physician anesthesiologists to “find their social media voice” and increase their social media engagement in October and David Warner, M.D., emphasized the physician’s role in helping patients to manage their smoking in the November article, “Motivate smokers to quit before surgery. It could save lives.”
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