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2011-12 Officers’ Profiles: The Leaders of Our Society
Author Affiliations
  • Jerry A. Cohen, M.D.
    President (1995-96), First Vice President (1994- 95), Second Vice President (1993-94), Florida Society of Anesthesiologists; NASA Medical Support Team (1983-88); Board of Trustees, Quality Assurance Committee of the Board (1993-2000), Shands Hospital at the University of Florida; Dean’s Quality Board (2007-present), University of Florida.
  • John M. Zerwas, M.D.
    President (1996-97), President-Elect (1995-96), Treasurer (1993-95), Texas Society of Anesthesiologists; Chair, Nominating Committee (1998), Legislative Affairs (1990-94, 1997-00); Member, Nominating Committee (1996-03), Committee on Administrative Affairs (1997-99), Legislative Affairs (1990-07); President (1992), Treasurer (1989-91), Texas Gulf Coast Anesthesia Society; President (2004-present), President-Elect (2003-04), Treasurer (2002-03), Director (1998-present), Texas Healthcare Trustees; Treasurer (2000-06), Association for Anesthesiologist Assistants Education; and Member, Texas House of Representatives (2007-present).
  • Mark A. Warner, M.D.
    President (1995-96), President-Elect (1994-95), Vice President (1993-94), Secretary/Treasurer (1990-91), Executive Committee (1989-present), Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists; Editor, Anesthesiology (2007-09); Executive Committee member, Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (2006-10) and Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (2008-present).
    Immediate Past President
  • Jane C.K. Fitch, M.D.
    President (2004), Chair of Legislative Affairs (2004-07), Oklahoma Society of Anesthesiologists; President-Elect (2010-11), Secretary-Treasurer (2009-10), Member (2008-present), Society of Academic Anesthesiology Associations/Association of Academic Anesthesiology Chairs; Secretary (1998), Executive Committee Member (1994-98), Connecticut State Society of Anesthesiologists; Association of Anesthesiology Core Program Directors Council (2008-10).
    First Vice President
  • Arnold J. Berry, M.D., M.P.H.
    President (2007), President-Elect (2006), Vice President (2005), Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists; Alternate Director (2009); Delegate to ASA House of Delegates (1997-2009); Senior Examiner (1996-present), American Board of Anesthesiology; Executive Committee (2008-10), Board of Directors (2002-present), Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research; Vice President (1988-90), Society for Education in Anesthesia; ASA Representative (2007-08), Council on Medical Specialty Societies; Board of Directors (2006-present), ACCME.
    Vice-President for Scientific Affairs
  • Norman A. Cohen, M.D.
    President (2009-11), President-Elect (2007-09), Secretary (2005-07), Webmaster (2004-11), Executive Committee (2003-11), Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists; Board of Trustees (2008-present), Oregon Medical Association; Health Net Physician Advisory Committee (2006-11), American Medical Association; Executive Committee (1996-2002), Webmaster (1996-2002), Montana Society of Anesthesiologists.
    Vice-President for Professional Affairs
  • Arthur M. Boudreaux, M.D.
    President (1995-97), President-Elect (1993-95), Secretary/Treasurer (1990-91), Executive Committee (1990-05), Alabama State Society of Anesthesiologists; President, Association for Anesthesiologist Assistants Education (2003-05).
  • Linda J. Mason, M.D.
    President (2004-05), President-Elect (2003-04), Immediate Past President (2005-06), Executive Committee (2000-09), Board of Directors (2000-09), California Society of Anesthesiologists; President (2008-10), Association of Anesthesiology Subspecialty Program Directors; Member, Association of University Anesthesiologists (2005-present), Society for Pediatric Anesthesia (1997-present), and Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Residency Review Committee for Anesthesiology (2010-present).
    Assistant Secretary
  • James D. Grant, M.D.
    President (1999-00), President-Elect (1998-99),Secretary-Treasurer (1996-98), Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists; Delegate (2008-present) and Alternate Delegate (2000-07) from the Michigan State Medical Society to the American Medical Association House of Delegates; Member, Finance Committee (2005-present), Legislative Review (2004-05), and Vice Chair (2007-11) and Chair (2011-present), Board of Directors, Michigan State Medical Society; Chair, Michigan Doctors Political Action Committee (2004-06).
  • Mary Dale Peterson, M.D.
    President (1999-2000), President-Elect (1998-99), Secretary (1996-98), Executive Committee (1996-present), Texas Society of Anesthesiologists; Council of Socioeconomics (2007-present), Border Health Coalition (2007-present), Ad Hoc Medicaid Committee (2001-present), Committee on Membership (2004-07), Texas Medical Association; Obesity Task Force (2003-08), Community Health Services (2002-03), Texas Pediatric Society.
    Assistant Treasurer
  • John P. Abenstein, M.D.
    President (1997-98), President-Elect (1996-97), Vice-President (1995-96), Secretary-Treasurer (1992-95) and Executive Committee (1992-present), Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists; State Delegate, ASA Legislative Conference (1996-present); American Medical Association – Alternate Delegate (2003-present); member, Political Action Committee (2000-08), Chair (2001), member (1999), Reference Committee, Legislative Committee (1996-2002, 2010-present), Minnesota Medical Association.
    Speaker, House of Delegates
  • Steven L. Sween, M.D.
    Delegate to MAG Legislative Council (1997- present), Chair, Governmental Affairs Committee (1994-2004) and Political Action Committee (1994-2004), Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists; President (1997), President-Elect (1996), Vice President (1995), Greater Atlanta Society of Anesthesiologists; Delegate, House of Delegates (1996-2000), GAMPAC Board of Directors (1999-2008), Medical Association of Georgia; Fellow (1991-present), American College of Chest Physicians.
    Vice Speaker, House of Delegates
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Articles   |   February 2012
2011-12 Officers’ Profiles: The Leaders of Our Society
ASA Monitor 02 2012, Vol.76, 32-38.
ASA Monitor 02 2012, Vol.76, 32-38.
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